HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY

                                 Like truth, goodness and justice, honesty is a virtue. A good person is always honest and tells the truth. We must form  a habit of honesty. Every religion tells us that we must be honest.

            An honest man is always brave. Sometimes, he has to face many problems also, he is truthful and is liked by everyone. On the other hand, liar, greedy and cunning people earn more money but they are not liked by the      people. Honesty should be maintained everywhere, at home, in school, among friends and even in the                 playground. An honest person always obeys the law so he is free from serious trouble. An honest person is           rewarded with success. Even after his death, people remember him. He gets love and respects from others.      

             Respected persons and trusted personalities are always to be trusted upon. The life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of INDIAN nation, is an example. Once he went to a resturant with his friend and took some non-vegetarian food, which was forbidden at home. He repented afterwards and honesty accepted his mistake in a letter addressed to his father. Gandhi, was expecting a severe punishment as his father was very strict but his father broke into tears as his on's honesty touched his heart. In his later life, Gandhi pratised honesty as a habit.

             Dishonesty, no doubt gives benefits sometimes but those benefits are temporary and short lived. It kills our soul and snatches away our peace of mind. It is not an easy job to remain honest in this world. One needs enough courage and sacrifice to be honest. Honesty is th BEST policy that we must apply in our life.